Sinai Mar Thoma Church welcomes our new Vicar Rev. Dr. P G George. Achen is a renowned Old Testament Scholar whose research works have been reviewed in the Toronto Journal of Theology and the Elenchus of Biblica. Achen researched on the Hebrew Bible using the methodology of Semantics which places him among the elite category of translation scholars. Achen has authored several books in English and Malayalam and have published numerous articles. Achen was a Professor at the Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam, served as Principal of Dharma Jyothi Vidya Peeth and was former Dean of Research at the Serampore University. George achen was ordained in 1991 and his home parish is Salem MTC, Narakathany.
Achen’s outstanding knowledge of the scripture and his substantial exposure to the Western World will benefit Sinai Mar Thoma Church and the Mar Thoma community in the United Kingdom. More information about Achen’s Mission work and can be found in the link below on Wikipedia.

Rev. Dr. P G George


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