Edavaka Mission

Edvaka Mission is a unit of the Marthoma Voluntary Evangelistic Association which was established in 1924 by the Metropolitan Abraham Marthoma. The Metropolitan, stated, “Every Marthomite is a voluntary evangelist”.

The function of Edavaka Mission is based on the seven activities of the Marthoma Voluntary Evangelistic association namely:

  • Intercessory prayers.
  • Bible Study.
  • Witnessing and Sharing.
  • House Visits.
  • Charity Projects.
  • Prayer Meeting.
  • Gospel work.

Sinai Marthoma Church Edavaka Mission meets on alternative Saturdays at the home of members of the church. The fellowship is open to all ages and persons of diverse discipline. A strong family bond is nurtured. Sinai Marthoma church is in its infancy having just been established one year ago. The Edvaka mission has upheld the vision of our forefathers and is endeavouring to be a witnessing parish.